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become a stockist


As well as the quality in taste of our e-liquids, we also work on their presentation. We prepared and implemented a brand new design to ensure our products are always clearly recognisable and distinctive. The bold colours representing the nicotine strength. All our packaging is fully CLP compliant, the bottles are of pharmaceutical approved materials and have childproof closures and tamper evident seals. Furthermore, they have been tested by accredited testing companies and are certified to ISO8317, the standard for child resistant packaging in line with the Tobacco Products Directive Legislation. To add, we are following the TPD regulations closely and have connections with various companies to ensure our products are always fully compliant.


We felt it important to mention we are a member of the Made In Britain Campaign. We applied to use the logo from our beginnings, renewing our membership each year and will continue to support the campaign. The reason being we believe in the cause and love easier identification of our origin on our products.

You can find our membership verification here.