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About us

Working with You

We aim to be led by our customers needs, recognising the importance of communication regarding trends in the market and standing out for our quality of service and personal relations. We like that we are a small, lean and flexible company and believe in a proven way of having enjoyment growing our business at a suitable pace, has influenced our trust with our clients.

Effectiveness of Customer Involvement

Because we are an e-Liquid manufacturer in the UK, we offer unmatched levels of service, pricing and complete reliability to supply. One of the unique features of our business conduct is our manufacturing flexibility, achieving industry best lead times and a realistic minimum order policy.  Our team are trained in delivering excellence and quality throughout the whole production stages. With a good work ethic and a friendly atmosphere, you are always welcome to visit us. Many of our customers have taken this opportunity and we are grateful for this as we too are aware of the need to be ever closer to our suppliers and clients, regularly attending and arranging meetings. Through this active co-operation we have built up long-term business relations based on mutual trust, respect and the controlled agility to forward our brand to be a competitive player in the market.

Investment in a Secured Future

With new investment in machinery and product development, we will have already achieved the comfortable rate of growth we set out to establish from the start in 2014. These investments represent a new level of technical capability and one that has been noticed in the industry for having an honest and reliable approach for succeeding in professionalism, resulting in our brand having achieved a strong position leading to the habit of repeat consumer sales. Confidently representing a win-win for us and clientele.