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We collaborate with professionals from different fields and work together so we can provide our clients with satisfactory products and with information from regulatory specialists, we will ensure that our e-Liquid flavourings comply with regulations. We will maintain perfection in quality assurance that manages to eliminate all risk because we know reputation is hard won and easily lost.


Our Nicotine is purchased from a company with over 100 years history in the nicotine industry, with 30 of them years experienced in producing pharmaceutical grade nicotine and are trusted by companies globally. Their company has been audited by the US FDA since 1991 and by UK MHRA since 2005. Our products are made from the highest quality Pharma-grade Nicotine (which comply with USP and EP specifications.) Produced under cGMP conditions. You can purchase our e-Liquid in strengths of 3mg/ml (0.3%), 6mg/ml (0.6%), 12mg/ml (1.2%), 18mg/ml (1.8%) or without any Nicotine at all – 0mg/ml (0%). Other strengths are available in various products we sell.

our nicotine picture
our nicotine picture


The Propylene Glycol and Glycerin we use both comply with USP and EP specifications and both act as carriers for a delivery method of the nicotine and flavour. The suppliers we use have exceptional reputation and are BRC Grade A and ISO 9001 accredited.


Flavours are at the peak of interest and importance to us, therefore the companies we use have been accepted by us with a definite degree of excellence in taste. Our flavour concentrate suppliers meet these requirements and go beyond our expectations. Each are revolutionary in this industry and have internationally-recognised accreditations. All are BRC Accredited, flavours specially formulated to be ultra-low in non-volatiles, adapted and made specifically for use in electronic cigarettes.

our nicotine picture

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